Thank You!

Thank you for making a gift to Neighborhood Bike Works!

I will put your gift to work right away teaching youth how to fix bikes, give them the chance to earn a bike and to explore new places by bike. A significant majority of our youth live in low-income neighborhoods and 80% of our youth are people of color. Our programs promote:

  • A Safe and Supportive Space: Feeling like you belong

  • Engineering Strategies: Hands-on mechanics and problem solving

  • Social and Emotional Development: Giving and getting respect

  • Expanding Horizons: Discovering new places by bike

  • Physical Fitness and Health: Making healthy choices

  • Career Readiness: Building confidence in youth potential

Want to get more involved? You can volunteer, donate a bike, take an adult bike repair class or attend an upcoming event.

Thank you again!

alex sign.png

Alex Doty
Executive Director