ShivonShivon Love's first day as Director of Youth Programs was on MLK Day and she was ready! Shivon joined us around 10am, introduced herself to youth, and right away started building positive relationships, both with youth in our Leadership and Advanced Mechanics Course and with her new NBW co-workers. She buddied up with several youth who were nervous about attending their first march and offered calmness, encouragement, and support.


It isn't surprising that Shivon has stepped into her role with grace and warmth - our hiring committee was impressed with her proven success in developing positive relationships with both youth and coworkers and bringing a style of leadership that encourages and empowers those around her. Shivon sees her role at NBW to support youth and youth program staff while pushing the cycling community and industry to become more inclusive and accessible, especially to the youth in our programs.


Shivon brings her experiences as a Nutrition Education Coordinator for Agatston Urban Nutrition Initiative (AUNI) to NBW. In that role she taught lessons on preparing healthy meals, food systems and food justice, and she adapted the AUNI curriculum to become more culturally responsive and relevant to Philadelphia youth of color. Additionally, Shivon has been a yoga instructor for 7 years. In that role she emphasizes the benefits of yoga, and works to change the image of yoga - encouraging more men and women of color to teach and engage with the practice.  

We know that as Shivon supports our suite of current youth programs, she will also look for opportunities to deepen, expand, or improve on them. And with her previous experience, we're excited that she'll work with us to continue to shift bicycling culture to be more affirming and welcoming to youth of color.

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