stevemSteve Maluk

Executive Director

(215) 386-0316 x 118

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Steve grew up in the Berkshire Hills of Western Massachusetts and lived in the Pacific Northwest for 20 years.  In that time, Steve discovered bicycling and realized that while he loves bike culture he wanted to help change it to be more inclusive. Steve has worked as a bike mechanic, an alternative transportation planner, and from 2010 until early 2016 as Shop and Operations Director at Bike Works Seattle.  In May and June of 2016, he completed his MBA in sustainable business from Pinchot University in Seattle and moved to Philadelphia to take the helm at Neighborhood Bike Works.


meeshpic compressedMichelle "Meesh" Ritondo

Development Manager

(215) 386-0316 x 119

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Meesh, hailing from Philadelphia, hopes to make a bigger impact in her hometown where she fell in love with cycling. Meesh was introduced to NBW in 2005 as a bike commuter when she attended and eventually volunteered at Wednesday night Bike Church. Over the past 15 years Meesh has worked and volunteered in non-profits all over the country commited to music, education, community building, and animal welfare. Her experience ranges from event production and organization, to outreach and teaching/mentoring at-risk youth. She holds a bachelor's degree in Fashion Design from Philadelphia University and is a believer in the ethical treatment animals. When she's not writing grants or planning the next big party at NBW, you can catch Meesh in a kit going fast, hitting a corners apex like nobody's business, or nerding out while training for her next road race with Mathletes Racing. 


Shaina croppedShaina Kohli

Lead Mechanics Instructor

(215) 386-0316 x 115

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Shaina has been many things including, but not limited to; a bike messenger, a mechanic, program director at a non-profit bicycle co-operative, and a social media influencer of great renown. All of this led them from Richmond, VA. to Neighborhood Bike Works, where they teach Earn-A-Bike Classes, Summer Camp, and our Open Shop Drop-In Clinic. As a Former Youthâ„¢ interested in Bicycles, Shaina is passionate about making bikes accessible, and making learning spaces inclusive. In their free time you can find them thinking about social justice, making memes, and, unsurprisingly riding their bikes.


ChrisNW Christopher Thornton

Youth Engagement Specialist

(215) 386-0316 x 120

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Chris is an educator, musician, and activist. Joining NBW for the first time in March 2015 as Program Assistant, Chris led youth in programs including Earn-A-Bike, Ride Club, as well as Summer Cycling Day Camp. After a short sabbatical, Chris rejoined NBW in spring 2016 as Youth Engagement Specialist. Chris works with NBW youth graduates to support youth leadership at NBW and beyond. 



barronBarron Johnston

Ride Program Manager

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(215) 386-0316 x 114

Barron joined NBW as a Youth Program Instructor in September 2014, but has been connected with Neighborhood Bike Works for years. In 2011 Barron joined the NBW staff as the lead camp counselor of our Summer Cycling Day Camp. Barron now serves as Ride Program Manager, developing NBWs next Graduate Level ride programs. Barron loves building youths' confidence and skills and is excited to build on his experiences as Lead Youth Program Instructor to plan and execute watershed education ride programs!  Barron loves to build youths' biking confidence, teach bike mechanics lessons, and encourage youth to embrace an active, healthy lifestyle.


amyNWAmy Wilson

Office Manager

(215) 386-0316 x 113

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Amy oversees NBW's administrative systems. She spends quality time with NBW's beloved database, maintains the NBW website, and manages all on-site accounting. Quickbooks is her jam. When not drafting finance reports at NBW, you can find her cooking, running, or biking (duh).

Amy has long believed that bikes deserve a respected place in the US economy, with practical uses that extend far beyond recreational riding, or even commuting. In 2012, Amy used a bike trailer to move all of her worldly possessions into her home.


Etecia squareEtecia Brown

Events and Volunteer Coordinator

(215) 386-0316 x 116

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Etecia is an experienced community organizer passionate about achieving equality and improving access to resources and opportunities for marginalized people. Trained as a researcher and program developer, Etecia's professional expertise includes using strategic approaches and interventions to increase inclusivity throughout an organization. Her past work also includes facilitating workshops and trainings on unconscious bias, reproductive health, and environmental health. At Neighborhood Bike Works, Etecia has the task of promoting NBW programs to community members, gathering feedback from community members and partners, and coordinating the efforts of generous volunteers who keep NBW pedaling strong.


EugeneNWEugene Cain

Mechanic & Adult Programs Instructor

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(215) 386-0316 x 121

Eugene came to NBW as a Bike Church Facilitator for NBW's Women and Trans Nights in Spring 2014. This was a natural fit as they are driven to improve access to transportation resources (like bikes), with a passion for helping women, gender-nonconforming, and trans* folks increase their mechanic skills and grow their comfort working and riding bikes. Eugene teaches NBW's Adult Bike Repair Class and staffs Mel's Community Bike Shop. In addition, they manage NBW's inventory and site maintenance.


FlorenceNWFlorence Lin

Operations & Bike Donations Coordinator

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(215) 386-0316 x 121

Florence joined our staff in summer 2015, offering her mechanics skills to the team at NBW's former retail location in North Philly. After a breif hiatus, she rejoining the NBW team in West Philly. Florence coordinates bike drives and keeps Mel's Community Shop and Bike Church well-staffed. Florence has worked in bike collectives and as a professional bike mechanic for several years. She is excited to take on the challenge of recovering every unwanted bike in Philadelphia for NBW programs!

James webpageJames Patten
Mobile Repair Project Manager
James completed an off-site Earn-A-Bike Class in 2012 and never looked back. Since then he has completed every program we offer and gained valuable shop experience at Trophy Bikes. NBW hired James in summer 2017 to pilot a Mobile Pop Up Shop. At NBW James uses his mechanic skills to provide sliding scale repair services at various community hubs such as rec centers. We'll use these pilot runs to determine how to successfully launch Mobile Bike Repair Stations in Spring 2018.
DeSean 2De'Sean Long
Lead Mechanic
(215) 386-0316 x 121
De'Sean joined NBW in November 2017 and has been building bikes for our shop floor since. De'Sean can help you diagnose your bike's ills and help you get comfortable working on your own bike at Bike Church.

Before coming to Neighborhood Bike Works, De'Sean worked at Brewerytown Bicycles and Performance Bikes. When he isn't at NBW, you'll find him sprinting down Kelly Drive on his road bike, or shredding trails in Belmont Plateau or "the Wiss". You might also find also find De'Sean coaching a Mountain Bike race team with Bicycle Coalition Youth Cycling.
 sam 2 NBW
Sam Cirilus
(215) 386-0316 x 121
Sam started attending Women & Trans Bike Church in 2015, later facilitating weekly and eventually joining NBW as a mechanic in September 2017. Now they refurbish bikes for the shop floor and staff Bike Church! Sam is excited about helping people discover the joy of overhauling hubs and bottom brackets. When they're not at their workbench, they like to cook, play tabletop games, and tear up the streets on the well-worn steel Fuji they refurbished at NBW.

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August Adult Repair Class

Learn how to maintain and repair your bike in our shop! This is a 4 week hands-on class.


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