The mission of Neighborhood Bike Works is to inspire youth and strengthen Philadelphia communities by providing equitable access to bicycling and bike repair through education, recreation, leadership and career-building opportunities.

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Neighborhood Bike Works promotes and puts into action our core values, described below. These values guide our work, our goals, and the way we treat one another. Help us live up to these values and hold us accountable to them. We consider each of these values equally important.


We strive to be a good neighbor and a community resource to the residents of Mantua, Belmont, Powelton, Mill Creek, and the rest of Philadelphia, as we build an inclusive and supportive community of youth and adult bike riders and mechanics.


NBW values access.  That means individuals of all ages, backgrounds, and incomes are welcomed and encouraged to participate in bicycle riding, have affordable options for bicycle maintenance, and are reflected and represented in bicycle culture.


Social Justice

NBW is committed to uprooting sexism, racism, ageism, and other forms of oppression that are prevalent in bike communities and the world.  Through our youth and adult programming, we seek to counteract structural racism, an under-funded school system, environmental and health disparities, and to create job opportunities.  We respond to these inequities by offering free and low cost bicycle riding and repair programs.


At NBW we recognize that social justice movements support our work to grow an inclusive and diverse cycling community.  We build on and are supported by past and current movements for social justice. Bikes alone cannot eliminate health disparities or achieve economic justice for those without job prospects.  Only by working in solidarity with one another will we uproot all forms of oppression.


NBW values life-long learning.  We strive to create an environment and opportunities where everyone, youth and adults alike, can learn from one another by sharing knowledge and skills.  We believe that the same “do it yourself” attitude and sense of empowerment that comes from learning how to fix your bike or ride confidently can be applied to other areas of life and society.

Youth Voice

In communities and our organization, youth must have a strong leadership voice and have the opportunity to design our collective future. All of us at NBW are responsible for ensuring that we are a youth-centric community.



NBW foresees a future in which youth are empowered by bikes. Bicycles can aid in empowering youth in many ways. Bicycles promote self-reliance and self-confidence by giving youth self-propelled independent transportation and the freedom to travel locally — to school, play, and eventually to work. Our programs promote self-confidence and self-reliance by offering youth the ability to maintain and repair their own bicycles.

Bicycles can be used, by youths and adults alike, to cross boundaries — literally and figuratively. Cycling enables exploration beyond one's immediate neighborhood and cuts across social class.  Both recreational and utilitarian cycling enable people to meet others with like interests.

To advance this vision NBW will form partnerships and alliances with other groups, both in the youth development community and the cycling community.

NBW is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, Federal EIN 23-3012779, United Way Donor Choice #14084. Official registration and financial information may be obtained from the Pennsylvania Department of State by calling 1 (800) 732-0999 or by going to the Pennsylvania Dept. of State Bureau of Charitable Affairs website.

Visit our GuideStar page.

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Adult Repair Class

Learn how to maintain and repair your bike in our shop! This is a 4 week hands-on class.


Watch the Video

This quick video captures the NBW spirit and character. Take a look to learn more about our youth programs and hear directly from several youth participants.


Youth Job Boards & Resources 

We've created a resource for youth to find jobs, internships, and other personal development opportunities. Click the link above!