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    Reach out to us via email to schedule us at your event. Please include details about the type of event and service you are looking for, expected numbers of participants, date and location of the event, and any other pertinent details. We can't wait to hear from you!

Neighborhood Bike Works offers a number of services to our community to help grow a positive culture of bicycling in Philadelphia. Through activities such as Valet Bike Parking and Bicycle Safety Checks, our staff and youth leaders can provide professional services to participants at your event. If you would like us to join you at your next community event, block party, or resource fair, please check out the full list of what we offer below. We usually limit our events to West Philadelphia, but we are open to traveling for the right partnership opportunity. For more information, questions, or to request NBW at your event, please contact our Outreach Coordinator at least six weeks in advance.

Service Fees

Most services have a fee that depends on the service, the size and time of the event, the number of expected participants, and the number of NBW adult and youth staff needed. This covers the cost of time to coordinate and staff the event, as well as youth stipends and any supplies needed for the event. However, it is important to us to make our services accessible to our partners, and some services can be provided for a reduced fee or for free.

Types of Services & Activities

Bicycle Safety Check

NBW staff and youth leaders are available to provide basic bicycle safety repair services for children, youth, and families at schools, libraries, block parties, and other events.  Participants bring their bikes to a safety station where our experienced youth staff will diagnose and make small adjustments to ensure that bikes are safe to ride. This includes proper air pressure in the tires, brake adjustment, and checking all bearing systems to make sure that nuts and bolts are tightly secured. *Note: Some bikes may have issues beyond basic bicycle repair. We are not able to repair all problems and will notify the individual if they need to bring their bike to an actual bike shop.

Bicycle Safety Rodeo

NBW will set up a safety obstacle course that teaches children and youth the proper rules of the road while challenging them to demonstrate basic techniques such as using hand signals, avoiding unexpected objects in the road, and how to stay alert of drivers and pedestrians. *Note: NBW recommends that a Safety Check and Rodeo are set up to run simultaneously at your event so that we can ensure that children are learning how to ride safely on safe bikes, and we recommend a minimum of 50 participants.

Bicycle Repair Demonstrations

Interested in engaging your event participants in basic repair tips that they can do in the comfort of their own home or on the side of the road? NBW can demonstrate simple lessons such as flat repair, brake adjustment, and basic maintenance to both youth and adults. This also allows participants to ask questions and learn more about their bike challenges. This option is best as a scheduled 30-minute lesson with a set audience. 

Helmet Giveaway and Fitting Station

Helmets are a major part of being safe while on a bike. NBW can host a helmet giveaway for children ages 4-18 (maximum of 50 participants). We will set up a fitting station to ensure that children know how to properly fit and wear their helmet. It is recommended to have a Helmet Giveaway at Bicycle Safety Check and Rodeo events so that children can participate in the event fully protected. There is an additional charge of $6.95 per helmet. 

Valet Bike Parking

Are you hosting an event where you expect a strong turn-out of cyclists? NBW staff and youth leaders can provide secure bike parking for participants at your event. Valet Bike Parking has numerous benefits, including increasing ridership to your event, decreasing bike parking traffic along fences and sidewalks, and offering event participants a safe and secure place to park their bike. NBW can provide bike racks for events with up to 150 participants.

For large events, it is your responsibility to contact the police department to secure police barricades for your event. We will need one barricade for every 18 bikes and a space large enough to set up barricades. One police barricade requires an area of about 15’ x 10’ for every 18 bikes. It is recommended that you publicize the Valet Bike Parking service prior to the event so that participants know what to expect. 

Host Responsibilities

When setting up for outdoor events, we ask that you provide a space large enough to accommodate the amount of people that you expect. For Safety services and Valet Bike Parking, we will need a space that is removed from traffic, has a nearby fence, and shade. Additionally, our staff would appreciate having a place to use restrooms and refill drinking water.

We request six weeks advance notice for all events. Please contact our Outreach Coordinator with any questions.


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